You are not alone.

A traumatic event or loss can make a child, teen, or young adult feel like they’re surrounded by darkness. Let us help light the way toward hope and healing.


We spend time continuously learning about the individual youth, their circumstances, and their progress throughout treatment.


Each child or teen receives thorough, evidenced-based treatment that is appropriately and effectively tailored to their specific needs and strengths.


We offer training and workshops in a variety of trauma- and grief-related topics for different caregiver audiences.
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Why Lucine Center?

 Lucine is Latin for illumination. Our mission is to help youth facing trauma or loss reclaim their "inner light" and transform tragedies into triumphs.
Finding the right therapist after a trauma or loss is one of the most important choices you can make. You have come to the right place.

“After my husband died suddenly, my four children and I felt like we were drowning. Counseling from Dr. Kaplow’s team gave my kids their lives back. I learned that each of them was grieving in a different way, and the therapy was tailored to meet their individual needs. This was the best thing I ever did for my children.”
—Mother of Four

“Since working with Nikki, I no longer feel afraid that something bad will happen to me.”
—16-year-old girl

“I felt like I could tell Daniel anything, and that he was genuinely interested in hearing my story.”
—Mother of 13-year-old girl

“My therapist helped me to learn ways to deal with hard things so when I go through life I can handle them better.”
—12-year-old boy