Daniel Martinez


Intake Coordinator

Daniel has served as the Intake Coordinator since he began working with the Trauma and Grief Center in 2016.  In this role, Daniel has had the honor of being the first point of contact for families seeking trauma and grief support services. Daniel embodies this role with a great sense of responsibility. He approaches every intake call with openness and practices non-judgmental active listening with the hopes of conveying emotional safety to allow caregivers to express themselves as freely as possible.  

Prior to working at the TAG Center, Daniel worked at the Suicide Hotline with MHMRA and Child Protective Service.  Daniel is bilingual in both English and Spanish. Daniel is passionate about supporting those who are facing mental health challenges, especially those with needs that are often unacknowledged or unmet by society. 

Daniel is the proud owner of tropical fish, including kissing gouramis.  He loves all animals, but marine life is his passion.  When he is not at work, Daniel enjoys working out and considers himself a “foodie wannabe.”