Tamara Johns,



Clinical Social Worker

Tamara Johns is a Licensed Master Social Worker who has dedicated her career to working with children and families to ensure they have the opportunity to live fulfilling and productive lives.  Tamara has received specialized training in evidence-based, trauma-and bereavement-informed assessment and therapeutic interventions in order to provide client-centered care.

Before becoming a social worker; Tamara was an educator for nine years and worked as a classroom teacher, teacher-librarian, and an “at-risk” program administrator. As an educator, Tamara built strong relationships with students and parents to nurture personal and academic success for her students.

Prior to joining Lucine Center, Tamara was a social work intern at The Trauma and Grief Center at Texas Children’s Hospital where she delivered therapeutic trauma- and bereavement-informed care to children and adolescents. More recently, Tamara worked in a psychiatric inpatient facility where she provided assessments, therapeutic interventions, psychoeducation, and service linkage to clients.  Tamara has been able to combine her experiences as an educator and social worker in various therapeutic settings including inpatient psychiatric facilities, community integration programs, and clinical outpatient services to better serve her clients. Tamara is committed to ensuring equitable, evidence-based, therapeutic interventions to children and families, especially in under resourced communities.

Tamara obtained her Bachelor’s in Political Science and Master’s in Education from Temple University and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Houston.

Tamara is originally from Maryland but has been in Houston for eight years and considers herself an honorary Houstonian. Tamara enjoys gardening, traveling, and exploring Houston’s amazing food scene.